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About AfCAS 

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Our Purpose

To enable people of different backgrounds, especially those from diverse cultural and language backgrounds, to access appropriate care services.


What We Do

We advocate for quality care for people from diverse backgrounds by:

  • Raising awareness of appropriate services

  • Connecting with diverse communities and service providers

  • Empowering and enabling care recipients to access appropriate care.


Our Story 

AfCAS started its beginnings from discussions held between 2016 to 2017 regarding increased focus and commitment to Culturally Appropriate Services. 

From there, the organisation has developed well-knit support networks, committee and facilities that allow AfCAS to develop as a non-profit business.  

More About AfCAS

View a podcast of a conversation between Mary Gurgone (AfCAS) and Fatih Karakas on the Conversations Podcast.

View more information below:

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