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AfCAS provides services that aim to support relevant organisations and individuals that are interested in or working to help Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Below, you can view the services AfCAS provides.

If you have any enquiries about our services, you are welcome to contact us.


We provide culturally appropriate care programs that are tailored for diverse groups such as, family carers, care workers, supervisors, managers and boards. Our training includes:

  • Short awareness-raising programs  

  • ​​Follow-up intensive practice programs.

The training is about specific requirements including:

  • Home care

  • Residential care

  • Preventing or delaying onset of dementia

  • Online and in-person formats

  • Dementia and palliative care settings.


We provide "Train-the-Trainer" programs to leaders, managers and supervisors to assist them to lead and implement culturally appropriate care for clients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Cultural Audits & Charters

We assess the areas of strength to build on and areas where there are gaps to fill against the national industry standards. We then develop programs of change customized to each organisation's needs and resources.


We also use cultural audit data to develop an organisation's Multicultural Charter to support the drive to better serve the diverse clients in a sector with a diverse workforce.

Community Engagement & Advisory Services

AfCAS has strong links to CALD communities with members having a wide spectrum of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious and professional diversity characteristics. We apply our skills and focus on ensuring empowerment and enablement of our diverse communities and assist service providers to connect with the wide array of communities in their catchment areas.

Our advisory services have proved useful for research and practice for universities, service providers and CALD communities.

We are committed to:

  • Enhancing access to the right services to our diverse communities 

  • Supporting providers to engage with all our diverse communities.

Contact us if you need more information about our services.

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