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Webinar Information

Access to Respectful Aged Care For Migrant
& Aboriginal Seniors Seminar


Explore strategies for providing quality care to seniors from diverse backgrounds. Hear from experienced providers and learn to navigate the aged care sector effectively. Discover how to meet cultural and linguistic needs, particularly for Aboriginal and migrant seniors and their families. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your service provision and support the wellbeing of seniors.

Learn about:

  • Learn how you can provide quality care and be a provider of choice for our diverse population.

  • Hear experiences of ethnic and Aboriginal aged care service providers in the service of their clients.

  • Gain an understanding of the aged care sector & how to navigate it.

For Aboriginal & migrant seniors, their carers, families and communities:

  • Learn to access quality care that meets the cultural and linguistic needs of migrant seniors and their families.

  • Understand how to access language services in aged care.

Other Information

Flyer for Seminar

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