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AfCAS projects cover a wide range of areas supported by Government, business and community.

1) Advisory and project management services to local, national and international projects relating to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Examples have included:

  • National Ageing Research Institute resource development for CALD carers.

  • University research (Curtin, ECU, UWA) on ways to overcome CALD isolation and disseminate research outcomes to aged care providers.​

  • Telethon Institute communication strategy for CALD households.

2) Service delivery to CALD seniors to reduce isolation (See Volunteer Visitor Scheme HERE).

3) Support to CALD communities to support their programs for seniors and their carers in areas such as dementia, end-of-life programs and palliative care.

4) Programs for aged and disability care providers to enhance the skills of their staff, managers, supervisors and Board members to lead and deliver services that are culturally and linguistically approriate for their clients (See Our Services HERE).

To further support AfCAS's efforts in providing better services for these communities, you can donate funds to AfCAS. 

Some of our Projects Include:

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