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End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC)
Toolkits and Resources By ELDAC  


The toolkit is designed for health professionals and aged care staff and is a free online resource that is user-friendly, evidence-based, and developed by aged care experts. The Dementia Toolkit has information, tools, and downloadable resources to use across care settings and where to access the latest education.

Resources & Tools


Primary Care Toolkit


Linkages Toolkit

Home Care Toolkit

Allied Health Toolkit

Residential Aged Care Toolkit

Managing Risk Toolkit

End of Life Law Toolkit

Toolkit Educational Videos

Looking for more resources for aged care nurses and health professionals about palliative care and care at the end of life?

Those of us with lived experience as carers know the pain of having our loved seniors who have done so much for us being discounted because they are old, have dementia and even more so if their language, culture or ethnicity are not considered mainstream ones. These tools may be helpful.

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