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Muhammad Bilal Marfani


The Association for Culturally Appropriate Services is proud to have supported young people through internships since 2020. We provide ongoing support and mentoring to each intern because we believe the young people, we support will open doors into a better future.


We were delighted to welcome Bilal, who appeared keen to learn. We have enjoyed working together and achieving well with Bilal. On his last day with us we asked him a few questions and his replies follow:

What Did You Expect To Achieve With This Internship?

As I considered where to apply for an internship, I contacted my university WIL department and offered with a placement at AfCAS. I learned a lot about how an Australian work environment looks like, but my majors were focused as International Business and Management, and I did not have much crossover into these areas. I’m glad to take a part in this placement as Marketing and Promotional Assistant as it allows me gaining exposure to all the parts that make a small business work. This type of work environment plays to my strengths as a flexible and cooperative individual eager to assist with any task.

How Did You Find the Internship Experience at AfCAS?

My internship translated my knowledge of business and marketing theories into a variety of practical approaches and skills that I can now apply in real-life business scenarios, from performing thorough social media marketing to build a marketing and communication plan.

What were your Learnings from the Internship?

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to work as a Marketing and Promotional Assistant and undergo a project as a Marketing Assistant. One of the most valuable skills I have gain from an internship is the ability to work on social media marketing such as marketing campaigns and Web development and as well as to speak with people in a professional setting.

What were Some Highlights of the Experience?

Learning from a supervisor who has skills and experience of various years in relevant fields was a great opportunity for me as an individual. Moreover, being a part for committee meetings in office in presence of Chairpersons was another delightful experience.

Any Other Comments?

I am extremely grateful to AfCAS, my supervisor Mary Gurgone, and the institution for allowing me to join with this Placement. Working with AfCAS, not only heighten my marketing skills but has significantly increased my knowledge about Aged Care and CALD organisations. It’s been pleasure working under Mary Gurgone who not only provides guidance but also helps me to gain knowledge about Aged Care Sector throughout the placement.

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