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Calvin Foo

Calvin Foo was referred to the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS) by the McCusker Foundation. Calvin brought a level of focus and creativity to his role that was far beyond his young age. We thank him and the McCusker Foundation and welcome you to read Calvin’s reflections about his internship with AfCAS that follows:

What Did You Expect To Achieve With This Internship?

From this internship, I wanted to gauge my current knowledge and skill level coming into the workplace. As this was my first real job position, the challenge was welcomed. Besides that, I aimed to gain more practical experience in the workspace, particularly in the form of digital media.

How Did You Find the Internship Experience at AfCAS?

My experience with AfCAS was wonderful and I felt that I was able to achieve many of my personal goals coming to this internship. While I did not have the practical experience that was necessarily required, I believed that Mary Gurgone, who was my supervisor, provided a lot of support through existing information, content as well as external support. That being said, it was also quite satisfying being able to have hands-on experience working on an aspect of an organisation like AfCAS.

What were your Learnings from the Internship?

Being able to work on AfCAS’s website allowed me to learn the fundamentals of website development and the complexities and responsibilities that came with it. Moreover, I was able to learn the importance of communication between me and my supervisor, as we had to coordinate well what type of content should be placed on the website.

What were Some Highlights of the Experience?

The main highlight that I would like to mention with my experience with AfCAS was developing the website itself. As I had no prior experience with website development, being able to view the website and how it evolved was satisfying and motivating.

Any Other Comments?

To end this reflection, I would like to thank my supervisor, Mary Gurgone, for taking me in for this internship opportunity and supporting me throughout these 100 hours, despite the setbacks and lack of experience that was present. I would also like to thank AfCAS as a whole for entrusting me with developing this website to better enrich individuals about Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities. Moreover, I would like to thank others that had supported me on this journey, including the McCusker Centre, for giving me direct and indirect guidance in my position. And for anyone who is viewing this, I would like to thank you for reading my testimony and if you have the opportunity, volunteer for AfCAS.

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