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Jiewen Su


Jiewen’s reflections on the last day of her internship are a wonderful insight into her experience at AfCAS.

Throughout my internship at AfCAS, I have gained valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of providing care to elderly individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This experience has allowed me to witness firsthand the struggles faced by CALD elderly individuals and has deepened my understanding of website structure, social media management, and documentation. Working at AfCAS has provided me with a realistic perspective on how the organisation operates in the real world.


One of the most significant lessons I learned during my time at AfCAS is the importance of recognising and respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of the residents. This recognition plays a vital role in enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life. I have come to understand that to provide better aged care services for CALD individuals, it is crucial not only to offer more services for the elderly themselves but also to provide training and support for aged care providers. Effective communication strategies for engaging with elderly individuals from different backgrounds or language groups are essential. I have observed that the committee members at AfCAS have diverse backgrounds, which allows the organisation to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by CALD elderly individuals.


During my internship, I had the opportunity to work on updating information and maintaining the organisation's website using Wix, a user-friendly website builder. This was a new experience for me as it differed from coding, but it was both enjoyable and interesting to witness my ideas come to life. Additionally, I conducted research on AfCAS's target audience and potential partners, which helped me strategise the website design and implementation to attract these stakeholders. I also studied the structure and functionality of websites belonging to similar organisations, identifying the best practices and features that could be incorporated into AfCAS's website in the future.


Collaboration emerged as a key takeaway from my internship at AfCAS. Working in a team environment, alongside another intern from UWA, allowed us to exchange ideas and approach website design from different perspectives. We collaborated to integrate our thoughts and create a comprehensive website that catered to the organisation's needs.


One valuable lesson I learned during my internship at AfCAS was the significance of documentation in the context of the organisation's operations. Clear and comprehensive documentation plays a crucial role in ensuring effective communication, maintaining organisational knowledge, and facilitating seamless workflows. Documentation will also help the handover to the next few interns during their winter break internship.


I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by my supervisor, Mary. Whenever I faced technical issues with the laptop or OneDrive system, she encouraged me to seek help from the technical people. She also organised meetings with web designers and experienced Wix users, allowing us to gain a better understanding of website design and the capabilities of the Wix platform. By asking questions during these meetings, we gained insight and explored different viewpoints. As students, our ideas and thoughts can sometimes be limited by our perspective, but by learning from experienced professionals, we were able to broaden our horizons. They generously shared their opinions, thoughts, and exemplary work, which greatly benefited our learning process.


In conclusion, my internship experience at AfCAS has been enlightening and rewarding. It has given me valuable insights into the challenges faced by CALD elderly individuals and has expanded my knowledge in website design and collaboration. I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by my supervisor and the opportunity to contribute to the organisation's goals. This internship has not only deepened my understanding of the aged care sector but has also equipped me with practical skills and experiences that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours in this field.

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