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Juan Lakonawa

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At the end of his 13 week internship at the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS), Mary Gurgone was delighted to receive Juan’s reflections on his AfCAS experience as follows:

What did you expect to achieve with the internship? 

The expectation was simply gaining a hands-on experience with a real organisation in my field of study (Computer Science). Other than that, I aimed to further developing my skills, gaining more knowledge about the organisation. Finally, the most important thing is making a positive impact on the lives of the people especially CALD seniors.

How Did You Find the Internship Experience at AfCAS?

Thanks to McCusker Centre for Citizenship, I was offered an internship role at AfCAS as a Digital Content Intern: Website Redevelopment and Social Media.

What were your Learnings from the Internship?

I was really excited with the opportunity to develop my technical and professional skills. I was able to apply my knowledge of technology and business to real-world scenarios, including website development and social media strategy. These projects have been meaningful and have allowed me to work on projects aligned with my interests. Furthermore, I had been able to collaborate with my supervisor and peer intern, and the committee member in this project which had allowed me to build relationships with individuals from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences. Through these interactions, I have developed my communication and interpersonal skills and have gained a deeper understanding of cultural competence and sensitivity in providing care.

What were Some Highlights of the Experience?

I would like to give a special acknowledgment and appreciation to Mary, chair of AfCAS, as well as my internship supervisor. In her age, she is still passionate and dedicated to this issue with CALD disability and seniors. It is such an inspiring example for me to take and witness as a young volunteer. Her story has inspired me and motivated me to do more in the community and being an active citizen.

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