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Pearl Pyae


One of our STAR volunteers
The @Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS) is proud to support isolated seniors at home or in a residential facility through the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) funded by the Australian Government. It is always such a pleasure to work with people who want to give back to the wonderful senior people who have given so much.

A particular example of the kind of wonderful volunteers we have is Pearl Pyae who first volunteered for strategic projects with AfCAS, then offered to visit a lady from Burma who is now looking forward to her visits!

Read some of Pearl’s reflections after completing her administrative officer role at AfCAS.

What Did You Expect To Achieve With volunteering at AfCAS?

By volunteering at AfCAS as an MBA student, I aimed to apply practical application of my knowledge and skills, also to understand how Non-Profit organisation works. With a focus on culturally appropriate service, I wanted to to develop a deeper understanding of various cultures and their impact on senior care.

How Did You Find the volunteering experience at the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services?

The volunteer experience at the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services was incredible. It provided me with valuable opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired during my MBA studies to real-world scenarios. Working with a non-profit organisation dedicated to senior care allowed me to understand the unique challenges and considerations when providing culturally sensitive services to diverse communities.

What were your Learnings from volunteering at AfCAS?

As an administrative assistant volunteer at AfCAS, I interacted closely with the interns and had the opportunity to observe and support their experiences. I learned project management and communication skills by assisting ongoing projects at AfCAS.

What were Some Highlights of the Experience?

First, I would like to thank Mary for guidance, mentorship and involving me on ongoing projects in short timeframe I volunteered here. It allowed me to make a positive impact while growing both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the team and contribute to the organisation.

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