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Rohit Hirani


The Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS) is keen to support the learning of young people while also engendering interest of the young in aged care for people of diverse cultures and languages. We are delighted that our ongoing collaboration with Edith Cowan University's School of Business and Law, continues to ensure a steady stream of talented young people.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Rohit’s practical learning on the job while also most appreciative of his commitment and talents that made him an ideal learner and team member. We would like to share Rohit’s observations about his experience at the Associaton for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS).

What Did You Expect To Achieve With This Internship?

Undergoing this internship was aimed at strengthening the theoretical knowledge that was gained from my bachelor’s degree in Management as a major. The real-world/workplace learning experience is aimed at shaping and moulding my management skills and giving and understanding of what is expected of a manager.

How Did You Find the Internship Experience at AfCAS?

Completing my internship at AfCAS was a great experience. Working in a very intriguing industry of Culturally and Linguistic Diverse and aged care was a unique experience along with the management profession experience. Learning from a supervisor who has skills and experience of numerous years, and the different levels in the management profession was a great opportunity.

What were your Learnings from the Internship?

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to work as an assistant project manager and undergo a project as a management learning experience. During my time at the placement, I learnt that as a manager it is very important to communicate and negotiate with partnering organisations and persons in a project scenario in order to achieve the objectives.

What were Some Highlights of the Experience?

Given the opportunity to be part of different activities in the projects, I was able to meet new people and develop contacts with seasoned staff. A perfect opportunity was to be part of an event with speakers from Perth and Melbourne. The best part of the company is operating as a team. The company has a friendly and versatile working environment that allowed me to work productively and complete my tasks in a timely and appropriate manner.

Any Other Comments?

It was a great opportunity to work along with Mary Gurgone and thank the university for sourcing me AfCAS as a work placement to gain the management professional experience and skills.

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