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Upcoming Seminars


September 26 2023, 9:00 - 10:30am followed by the AGM 10.30am-11am
Registrations Are Open 


The presentations will be partiularly of interest to those who deal with diverse communities in providing services in aged care settings, community settings or business settings. The needs of elderly Muslims and Indians will be explored by drawing upon stories and observations in Australia and in their home countries.



Marc Orlando

Associate Professor | Macquarie University  

Director, Translation and Interpreting Program

Marc Orlando is Associate Professor and Director of the Translation and Interpreting Program in the department of Linguistics, in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, at Macquarie University. His research investigates the synergies between T&I practice, research, and training. He is also an active experienced conference interpreter. 


Accessibility and social inclusion through language services: From language transfer to partnerships in a multidimensional act of communication

In this presentation, I will look at the role played by translation and interpreting services for better accessibility and social inclusion. Moving the lens beyond language competence and language transfer, I will discuss how such services should be considered as part of a multidimensional act of communication.


Sally FAN

Project Officer

Chung Wah Community & Aged Care

Sally Fan is currently the Project officer for various programs at Chung Wah Community Care.

She is a postgraduate in Marketing and has of over 14 years in community work including customer services, event planning and marketing strategies.

In recent years, Sally has been engaged with the commonwealth funded  ‘Encompass Multicultural Aged Care’ program and currently with the Care finder program.

Sally enjoys working with diverse communities , to support and empower , especially those with cultural & language barriers.  


Increasing access to Aged Care services for older people of Culturally diverse backgrounds

The Chung Wah Community Care has over 40 years of experience in providing government funded aged care services to  older people of culturally  and linguistically diverse backgrounds.( CaLD) . We share our most recent encounters with CaLD seniors through ‘Encompass’ and Carefinder , challenges faced and stories of empowerment shared by CaLD seniors.


Fatih Karakas

Head of Training

All Graduates

Fatih Karakas is Head of Training at All Graduates. Fatih has a Master's in Translation and Interpreting and has taught at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of New South Wales. He is a NAATI Certified Turkish interpreter/translator/examiner and has been on several advisory committees, including NAATI's Continuous Improvement Program, NARI's The Mindset Study, Skills IQ and NAATI's Victorian Regional Advisory Committee. Fatih is also the co-author of "Introduction to Healthcare for Turkish-speaking Interpreters and Translators. He is particularly interested in providing interpreter and translator training via online Learning Management Systems.


Find a Translation - Free Multilungual Search Portal

In this presentation Fatih will speak about Find a Translation. Find a translation is a Free Multilingual Search Portal for translated resources. The portal offers an extensive collection of translations in Australia and New Zealand for over 150+ languages


Mary Gurgone

Chair, Association for Culturally Appropriate Services

Director, Centre for Capability and Culture

Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS)

Mary Gurgone, Director of the Centre for Capability and Culture, has extensive experience in the Government, private sector, and community. As Director of the WA Partners In Culturally Appropriate Care (2016-2020), she supported ethnic care providers and their communities to form the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services. She was appointed to the NAATI Board in November 2014. She is a founding member, Fellow and former National President of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators. As a long-term carer, she developed practical national, State, and local programs for service providers with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients.


“Aboriginal and Migrant Carer Voices”(ABC & SBS)

Mary will share some of the accessibility barriers and supports for Aboriginal and migrants carers by tapping ABS and SBS recordings that have captured Aboriginal and migrant carers’ voices. She will also add observations based on her lived experience as a carer and a consultant in aged care nationally and locally.

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