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27th March 2024: Event Recap – Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Volunteer Visitors

Updated: May 2

Western Australian volunteers contribute $4.8 billion to WA’s Gross State Product, Tina Williams, CEO of Volunteering WA, advised us. So, it was fitting that there was an event to celebrate, share and support the volunteer visitors. The Association for Culturally Diverse Services (AfCAS) is funded by the Australian Government to provide visitors to isolated migrant seniors who may have returned to primary language in old age.

The volunteer visitors shared their experiences, heartwarming stories, networked together and supported each other with guidance from coordinators Mary Gurgone and Anne Butorac. It was an occasion where everyone resolved to make their visit to seniors make a positive difference.

Feedback received from participants highlighted the event's excellence and the valuable insights provided by volunteers, expressing a sense of belonging to a supportive community with direct quotes from participants including "the event was great and offered insights from the volunteers” and "I feel a part of a bigger group with support."

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